What To Do In Case Of A Dance Studio Business Emergency
In this podcast featuring Frank Sahlein, of 3rdLevelConsulting, you’ll hear tips and best practice advice on how to keep your dance studio business running in the event of any sort of emergency that is out of your control. Learn what a contingency plan entails and what you should be thinking about as a business owner so that you can keep your operations underway even if you have a sudden loss of income, students, staff or accessibility to your facility. Whether you’re facing a natural disaster to epidemic, this podcast will help you confidently move forward addressing issues face with clarity and confidence.

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Running a dance studio is hard work, and growing your studio is even more of a challenge. No matter if you’re just starting out—or perhaps you’re a well-established owner; we understand that it’s a uniquely demanding and personal business to own and operate.

As studio owners ourselves, we’ve been there. But, it’s also very possible to be a happy owner of a thriving dance business that you love.

About Our Guest:
Frank Sahlein

Frank Sahlein

Frank Sahlein has been active in the Children’s Activity Center industry as an athlete, coach, business owner, consultant and business broker. He is a native of San Mateo, California and graduated from San Jose State University.  Frank pioneered the Children’s Learning Opportunity Center (CLOC) concept from 1976 – 2016 at the 40,000’ square foot Wings Center in Boise, Idaho (USA) – a blend of Sports Instruction, Arts, Education, Entertainment and Outreach programs.   Frank’s reputation as a business management innovator has inspired audiences worldwide, delivering over 1,500 presentations for a variety of children’s activity center industries and organizations – including gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading, dance, martial arts and child care/education. 3rd Level Consulting is a Business Development and Service Provider Partner for private industry companies, as well as for a variety of associations and organizations. Frank and the 3rd Level Consulting team travel globally, seeking best practices to share.
Two-time recipient of the National Business Leader Award from USA Gymnastics, Frank is the author of “Building Your Business Potential”, creator of the SmartEDGE™ Business Applications and RiskAssure Solutions. He is the co-founder of LEAP Learning, and is the author of “Becoming – Designing Your Empowered Life”.   His passions include his beautiful wife Lourdes Gonzalez, family, friends, fitness training, transformational reading and travel.
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