Top 5 Tasks to Delegate To Your Office Manager

In this episode of Dance Studio 411, Patty Rielley shares her top projects and tips that busy studio owners can share with their office managers. She believes a little planning goes a long way and organization is the key to delegation.

As a former studio owner for 17 years and currently a dance studio office manager, Patty draws from her extensive experience and gives specific, real-life examples of how you can organize and delegate effectively. 

Key Takeaways

[1:25] A little bit about Patty and how she transitioned from studio owner to office manager.

[4:20] If you don’t have an office manager, you still need to be organized in your studio!

[6:20] Why should you be using Google Drive?

[8:15] The great thing about having an office manager is that you can have the big ideas and your team can work on the details of how to execute it.

[9:25] What should you delegate to your office manager? First things first, your invoicing!

[13:25] Did you know your office manager can also manage your studio communication?

[15:00] Your office manager doesn’t have to be a website pro, but having an extra set of eyes to proofread and edit communications is a plus!

[15:45] Your office manager can also take care of the customer ordering process and get the logistics taken care of.

[19:35] You can also delegate your social media to your office manager!

[25:00] Let’s do a quick recap on what you can get your office manager to do!

[27:50] Are you overwhelmed with phone calls? You can forward it to your office manager so that they pick up those much needed calls!

[28:25] Do more of the things you love to do. Everything else, delegate!



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About Our Guest:
Patty Rielley

Patty Rielley

Our newest member of the Dance Studio Owner team, Patty Rielley is the Office Manager at Elite Dance Academy in Illinois. Prior to that, she was the Owner, Business Manager, and Artistic Director of Bluestone Academy of Dance and Music for 17 years. Born and raised in Chicago, Patty started dancing as soon as she could walk. Her love for music and dance led her to a career in Musical Theater. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts, she performed professionally for many years. Patty teaches and choreographs throughout Chicagoland, specializing in Musical Theater. Because one can never be too busy, Patty also fosters dogs for Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue and enjoys playing the Irish drum and singing with her husband, Jim in their folk and Irish band, Small Batch.
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