Recurring Profit for Your Studio Without Expense, Risk or Staff

Dance students who take voice or piano gain extra skills to progress in dance. It is a win for the studio and the student. And the new reality is dance studios may need to add additional revenue without adding cost or risk. In this episode featuring Sam Beckford, creator of OnlineMusicLessons. Today you’ll hear how his program allows dance studios to offer music lessons to their student base simply by referring students to a unique link and getting an ongoing 15% monthly commission on all lesson revenue the studio refers.

Why are online music lessons appealing to dance studio families?


They are a perfect social distance activity that does not have a substantially diminished experience from online delivery.

Online dance classes work for many students, but some families complain about not having the large studio, interaction with other students, barres, mirrors and professional atmosphere.

Online music lessons do have the downside of the instructor not being able to touch the students hands, but other than that the one-on-one experience, the room and the equipment do not affect the experience.

Dance students who take voice or piano gain extra skills to progress in dance. It is a win for the studio and the student.

The reach of online lessons to a studios family list goes well beyond just the dance students who are mainly female at most studios. The boys in a family who are missing sports now have another activity to fill their schedule and keep them occupied, and of course the studio makes profit from those registrations too.

Here are some details on the actual lessons


  • The lesson fees are $29 USD per lesson, no registration fees or taxes. Lessons are month to month and students can self-cancel anytime before the next billing cycle on the 1st of the month without penalty.
  • All instructors are University trained and criminal record checked. Many have worked with us for a very long time.
  • Private Video rooms are created for each student through our system. There is nothing to download and our video system runs on all platforms and devices.
  • Communication between student and teacher is done through our system and archives are kept of all communication.
  • Our system auto calculates uneven lesson monthly billing  (3 lesson or 5 lessons months)  New starts part way through the month are automatically calculated through our system
  • Students can get 3 makeup lessons each teaching year for any reason with a minimum of 4 hours notice that they self submit. A credit is automatically generated to reschedule at a  different time with their instructor.
  • Teachers can auto generate reschedule credits if a student’s tech is just not working that day. Some days the machine army just does not cooperate
  • Our system has a streamlined credit and refund system for lessons that are not satisfactory. We are easy when it comes to refunds and credits, it’s the long game that counts. Customer satisfaction is top priority for our platform and we realize that sometimes that comes at a cost.
About Our Guest:
Sam Beckford

Sam Beckford

Sam Beckford is the founder of one of the largest dance and music studios in North America, a veteran studio business coach and the author of 4 business books. His work has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, the Huffington Post and the BBC. As a coach Sam has helped hundreds of studios add music lessons to their dance studio as an extra profit center.  Many more dance studios liked the idea of adding music but the hiring, building practice rooms and finicky private lesson scheduling billing and make up lessons dissuaded them. Two years ago Sam started building and testing an automated platform which would give dance studios the upside profit of music lessons without the downside of the staffing, scheduling and billing. The new surge in online music lesson demand created by the current situation makes this the perfect opportunity for dance studios to benefit.

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