How to Build an Effective Communication Plan for Summer Dance Programs

Meagan Ziebarth and Colleen Rubio of Resourceful Dance share their best marketing strategies to capture the attention of busy parents.

Planning is the key to not feeling overwhelmed in your marketing and program offerings, and Meagan and Colleen offer their easy-to-follow framework to help you better market, and communicate, your summer dance programs! 

Key Takeaways

[1:15] A little bit about Meagan and Colleen. 
[3:50] Everybody has been in a constant state of stress. Requirements are changing so rapidly.
[5:50] What should you be planning or thinking about throughout the year? 
[9:15] There is no emotional pricestag on the emotional welfare of children moving their body and being with their friends. 
[9:50] Once you’ve brainstormed the problem parents are facing, solution, and what that action plan will look like, your next step is to create a catchy tagline. 
[10:35] How do you create a value proposition? 
[13:30] Print out your plan and give it to your teachers! You want everyone on the same page when it comes to executing on this plan. 
[14:25] Don’t have time for this? Yes you do! It’ll save you time. 
[16:15] The best sales you can make are with your current customers. 
[17:30] How should you communicate your plan on social media? 
[21:15] Best ways to get your artwork/pictures out of if you don’t have in-studio photos right now? 
[23:15] Take photos of smiling faces. That’s the most important thing! 
[25:35] Consistency is key when it comes to marketing! 



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About Our Guests:
Meagan Ziebarth and Colleen Rubio

Meagan Ziebarth and Colleen Rubio

So many dance studio owners feel overwhelmed as they try and grow their dance studios. Resourceful Dance has developed a proven system that helps dance studio owners consistently market their programs. Co-founders Meagan and Colleen started Resourceful Dance because they needed this type of support when they owned a dance studio.

Resourceful Dance is passionate about empowering women, building sustainable businesses, and destroying the myth that you have to do it all yourself.



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