Family Friendly Dress Codes For Your Dance Studio Business

In this episode, you’ll hear expert tips on establishing and maintaining a dress code program that parents and dancers love. Tiffany Henderson is an industry leader and dance business expert who owns and operates seven Tiffany’s Dance Academy locations in Northern California. Her video-based teacher training system and curriculum, Twinkle Star Dance, is currently implemented in 300+ dance studios worldwide.

She shares actionable ideas on how you can easily bring in additional revenue to your business by making dancewear purchases a natural part of your registration process. You’ll also hear how to boost enrollment and use your required uniform to get preschool and elementary classes filled.

As you plan your new dance season, remember that your students can feel good wearing Revolution Dancewear to class — a brand that supports both your studio and dance communities everywhere. You can be confident in delivering a beautiful dress code that will excite both parents and students alike. Shop new sizes, expanded colorways, and more styles for your dancers. Plus every purchase helps fund the Studio Essentials Grant Program – a unique initiative designed to provide studio owners with grants and resources that can be used for things like dance scholarships, curriculum, facility improvements, and teacher education.

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Key Takeaways

[2:20] We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Things are looking promising.
[4:15] Let’s talk about dress codes in studios.
[9:00] Why is the dress code a blessing for the staff and teachers?
[10:50] Remember, as the owner, you’re responsible for creating the culture at your studio.
[12:10] If you’re a one-woman show, don’t get overwhelmed. Revolution makes things super easy to abide by a dress code!
[17:00] Tiffany breaks down her commission/price rates.
[21:10] What makes this so good is you can set your own price!
[22:15] Tiffany shares how she makes $35k of PROFIT each year.
[29:00] How does Tiffany promote and package this all together?
[33:30] Don’t apologize for setting a dress code.
[35:00] Children need to connect dance to their feelings. Here’s how you can elevate your performance to more than just dance.


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Tiffany Henderson

Tiffany Henderson

Tiffany Henderson is the owner and operator of seven demographically different Tiffany’s Dance Academy locations in Northern California, a nationally recognized business expert and lecturer on dance business, and the founder of the Twinkle Star Dance program implemented in over 300 dance studios worldwide.
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