Drama Free Dance Studio, Fact or Fiction?

Join Kathy Blake as she empowers you to address the topic that seems to be everywhere in dance….drama! There is a normal amount of emotion we can expect from our students, parents and faculty, however, there can be times when real drama starts to tear down the overall culture of your studio.

In this podcast, hear tips to help you effectively solve problems in the areas of bullying, gossip or threats. You’ll hear how to set professional and personal boundaries and know when to draw the line and hold people accountable for destructive behaviors that threaten the peace and power of you and your studio. Kathy shares how to create your culture, capture the toxic behavior, confront the issue, and clear the air.

About Our Guest:
Kathy Blake

Kathy Blake

Kathy Blake is the Artistic Director of Kathy Blake Dance Studios. Her performing arts studio exemplifies the highest standards in the industry, thriving in a suburban area of southern New Hampshire.

She is widely respected for her extensive life-long training in classical ballet, tap, modern, jazz as well as ballroom dancing in both International and American Styles. She is nationally known for the “Let’s Learn How to Dance” instructional dance series and has taught and performed extensively in her career.

Kathy and her daughter Suzanne are the featured columnists for Dance TeacherMagazine’s, “Ask the Experts”. She regularly teaches and presents business seminars at the Dance Teacher Summit and for other various industry events. She shares ways to build your studio with real-life examples of what it takes to own and operate a dance studio today, which is relatable, practical and empowering for her audiences.

Kathy has extensive training and experience in management, leadership and coaching from one of the world’s foremost personal development companies. She is in the Hall of Fame for Toastmasters International in the areas of humorous and inspirational speaking.

She toured the world for years and was a top rated dance ballroom dance instructor for Crystal Cruises. Kathy Blake Dance Studios has represented the state of New Hampshire at Annie McQuitty’s Dance Excellence international dance festival in Los Angeles, as well as performed at Disneyland, participated in competitions and adjudicated performances. Kathy was a long time member of the Dance Teacher’s Club of Boston and The National Dance Council of America.

Kathy has grown artistically and personally through the many challenges of the dance business and is at the helm of her nationally recognized studio. She has found positive and effective ways to overcome obstacles and challenges while expanding the vibrant dance community in her local area as well as nationally. For over 40 years she has maintained consistent growth in the face of changing trends, personal losses, studio splits, and financial hardships.

Her passion for dance and commitment to integrity in business practices have always overcome any challenging circumstances. She greatly enjoys the coaching and management of a great team of talented staff and faculty. She is at her studio daily and as a successful dance studio owner, having learned all the ins and outs of the business, let her expertise help you succeed with DanceStudioOwner.com!

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