Dance Studio Staffing Solutions with Ginger Haithcox

In our latest episode, our special guest, Ginger Haithcox discusses a topic that comes directly from our member group and it is one of the biggest challenges dance studio owners face: finding, hiring, and retaining high-quality staff.

Listen in as Ginger talks about what dance studio owners can do to attract applicants for Job openings, how using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is a game changer, and how to avoid headaches when delegating to your staff.

We’re grateful to Ginger for providing her insight and expertise. Listen in to hear her success stories and you can get her Studio Staffing Success course for your dance studio.

Get to know your staff. They’re in relationship with you and that translates into their relationship with your customers. It’s you treat your staff well, your staff treats your customers well.

Ginger Haithcox

Key Takeaways

[1:59] Ginger shares her background as director of her dance studio, involvement with non-profit organizations, and working with the Girls Scouts. Much of what she does in the studio is influenced by learning how to recruit staff, to manage them, and to get the best out of them.

[3:10] You’ll want to learn how to train well so you can trust they’re going to do what they need to do, do it well, so that if you’re not there, things are okay.

[3:33] Ginger has staff who’ve stayed on for many years and even after they move on and get a new job, maybe move out of the area, they still come back and they visit for shows. They still volunteer to do stuff. They’ll jump in in a pinch even after they’re long gone.

[4:40] If you can think of something that is bothering you in your business that you hate working on. That’s a good starting point.

[5:20] Instead of listing out tasks, Ginger suggests taking a look at your processes. What process can be passed along to someone else? When you think of a process, think of it from from start to finish. What does this entail versus, oh, I need someone to do one part of this process. An example would be costume management process versus just needing someone to measure all the kids for costumes.

[6:29] And so that’s where you can start… If you identify where you need help, you can have someone take over this process. Then you’re able to figure if this position needs to be full time. Should it be part time? Do you only need them for four months out of the year? Maybe it’s something you could just add on to another person’s position who’s looking for extra hours.

[6:49] When you create this list of a processes in your studio, it gives you clarity on what the you’re looking for. Because so many times, we don’t even know!

[7:20] We want our business to be able to keep running so when we need time off for something like if there’s a death in the family, if you need a really long vacation, if your child’s getting married, whatever it is, who else can handle those things in your absence?

[7:57] Jill suggests a Friction vs. Flow comparison to identify what you enjoy doing vs. what is causing you stress. This will help you decide what to create processes around and then offload it.

[8:46] Creating processes and then staffing well, will actually free you up both mentally and physically to be able to do the things that matter most.

[9:17] So now that you’ve got a list that you’ve written out of that process that you want to delegate to someone, you have a good blueprint for a job description.

[10:03] If you have a job description and you want to post it, go ahead and post it to your regular sites. There are free sites, there are paid sites, but also let your student population, know. Ask for suggestions from your current families. They’ll recruit for you because they want it to be successful. They know the type of person they want at the front desk helping their dancers.

[10:52] Many universities and colleges use Handshake. Be sure to post on college or university boards in your area!

[12:13] Jill and Ginger discuss using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for creating job descriptions.

[14:29] Ginger discusses KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and why setting and monitoring them is important.

[18:54] Jill and Ginger discuss delegating effectively and avoiding pitfalls when hiring and onboarding staff.

[19:02] Get to know your staff. They’re in relationship with you and that translates into their relationship with your customers. It’s you treat your staff well, your staff treats your customers well.

[23:26] Ginger discuss process around delegation… There’s nothing worse than delegating work to someone and then not being clear about how they’re supposed to do it. What does success looks like? What are their deadlines or timelines? What information do they need? What resources do they need?

[24:50] Anytime you delegate something to someone, expect that it’s going to take time up front that you have to invest in training that person.

]27:53] it’s hard to ever feel true freedom in your business if you’re doing everything yourself.

[23:26] The Studio Staffing Solutions is the next step for you! Ginger has shared the experience from her studio and we made it available through

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About Our Guest:
Ginger Haithcox

Ginger Haithcox

Ginger owns Modern Motion Dance School and is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, and Professional Photographer. She has been a guest on Back to Dance, the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking Podcast; presented multiple seminars for Dance Studio Owner and Energize Conference; and was a guest speaker for IDEA member webinars on topics including unique performance groups, costuming during supply chain shortages, and CRM for studio owners. She is a member of IDEA, and The Life Coach School Self Coaching Scholars and volunteers as a Lead Standards Accreditation Visitor with American Camp Association (ACA).

She has created the Certificate of Dance Entrepreneurship program as well as the Studio Ambassador System for fellow dance studio owners.

As you’ll hear in this podcast, Ginger is passionate about empowering women, building sustainable businesses through systems 

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