Connect and Engage with Students as You Rebuild Your Enrollment

Alison Jones is the Founder of Dancewise Studios, the home of some of the most inspirational dance classes of a wide variety of different dance styles since 2005. Alison teaches students of all ages and was one of the first studios to be certified in authentic street dance in the UK.

In this week’s episode, Alison shares some of the special, and unique, things she’s doing to showcase how grateful she is to have her clients stick with her during the lockdown and the pandemic. 

Key Takeaways

[1:20] A little bit about Alison and her dance studio. 

[3:30] How do you come out of lockdown strong?

[5:50] Go above and beyond for your clients. Alison reached out to the parents and got a star chart developed for each of the students’ birthdays. 

[7:10] People have stuck with you during these challenging times. You really want to practice gratitude and let them know how much you appreciate them. 

[9:55] Alison offers creative ways you can create a ‘theater’ experience with your dance students. 

[11:30] Parents just want to have something happy for their kids.

[13:30] Every studio owner is down by 40-50% of the students they used to have.

[14:40] Alison shares her ABC strategy on how she get students through her door. 

[15:20] You are a remarkable dance studio, which means don’t be afraid to shout it loud from the rooftops and let your clients know!

[17:00] Consistency is key to attracting the right people through your door. 

[20:05] When does it make sense to advertise your services?

[24:35] Aside from all the business stuff, are you taking care of you? 

[27:20] See COVID as a blessing. It’s helped a lot of studio owners realize that they can chop out things that aren’t serving them.



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About Our Guest:
Alison Jones

Alison Jones

Alison is the CEO & Founder of Dancewise Studios – the premier dance, performing arts and fitness facility in the South – which she founded in 2005. In 2012 she became one of only 50 fully qualified and accredited street dance teachers in the UK as well as being qualified to teach many other styles of dance with over 20 years experience. Her teaching philosophies include “Don’t teach excellent classes – teach inspirational ones”, “A teacher should always remain a student” and that we should “Teach children to love dance – the rest will come in time”.
Alison is a dance education expert and writer – as seen in: Dance Advantage, Chase Your, Thrive Global, Medium, Top Mum
and more.
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