400 Dance Students within 6 Months!

Kim Black is the Owner of Miss Kim’s in Burlington, North Carolina. She was selected as Dance Teacher Magazine’s Dance Teacher of The Year in 2020 and is a Preschool Dance & Creative Movement presenter.

Kim opened her studio during the pandemic and while most instructors would be shaking in their boots, Kim was confident she could fill her space… and she did! Six months after opening her doors she had 400 dance students.

How did she do it?

She credits the strong support of the DanceStudioOwner.com community and her positive attitude. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more and learn her success tips and tricks!

Key Takeaways

  • A little bit about Kim and what she does!
  • Kim decided to open her studio for the first time at 50 years old in the beginning of 2020…then the pandemic hit.
  • How did Kim grow her studio during times of COVID?
  • Kim was determined and she was just not going to stop until it worked!
  • Virtual dance classes are key! Parents want to see the value before driving to the studio.
  • Kim makes it a point to tell her teachers to let her know when a child did something amazing, so she can communicate that to the parents!
  • Within 6 months, Kim was able to fill her studio with nearly 400 students.
  • Why is Kim completely rocking it with her dance summer camp?
  • Summer camp gives you the opportunity to build strong connections.
  • When you create a strong bond with a child, and really believe and care about them, parents can see that and will not want to go elsewhere.
  • The biggest dilemma for a dance summer camp is the payroll, how does Kim make it work?
  • How does Kim pick her summer camp themes?
  • How can you think outside of the box and get more dance students through your door?



Connect with Kim: Misskimdance.com, LinkedIn & Instagram.

About Our Guest:
Kim Black

Kim Black

Miss Kim’s Children’s Dance & Arts is owned and operated by Kim Black (aka Miss Kim). Miss Kim’s is located in Burlington, NC. Kim Black is a veteran dance teacher for more than 34 years. In 2020 Miss Kim opened her own dance studio, earned the prestigious Dance Teacher Award, and is now expanding with a another space.
Miss Kim enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with other teachers. She has led Preschool Dance Sessions at Dance Teacher Summit as well as Creative Movement for the Mind & Body at Early Childhood Education Conferences all over the country. Miss Kim is thrilled to share her story with her DSO crew!


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